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The office staff has extensive experience in dealing with the tax authorities and is up-to-date on all the many and complex rules established by law. Our accountants will accompany you on an ongoing basis in all the following topics:

  • Accompaniment in starting a business. Upon opening a business, we will accompany you in filling out the required forms and registering the business with the various tax authorities.
  • Submission of periodic reports. We will accompany you on an ongoing basis in complying with the legal requirements for submitting reports to the income tax, a monthly report to the VAT, a report of deductions from the wages of employees and withholding from suppliers, a report to the National Insurance, reports Annual financials for the income tax and more. We will make the reports for you online in accordance with the requirement of the tax authorities. Submitting reports on time and in a professional manner will prevent you from delays, fines and mistakes that may occur due to lack of experience and knowledge.
  • Representation of clients in the tax authorities. The accountant on our behalf will represent you before the taxation authorities in cases of discussions and negotiations on the tax assessments given, treatment of debts or fines, and more.
  • Tax returns. Our knowledge and experience in taxation will help you in case of requests for tax refunds. After examining the possibility of receiving a refund, we will gather all the necessary documents to submit the application and work with the tax authorities to obtain the refund you are entitled to by law. 

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