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The firm provides consulting services in the field of international taxation and provides solutions for a variety of international tax issues. The firm builds a long-term international tax strategy for its clients in order to achieve optimization in global tax planning and prevent entanglement with the international tax system and law. Our taxation team will offer you a variety of creative and smart solutions in international taxation, for exporters, real estate investors and businesses active abroad, while complying with the legal and regulatory requirements in all countries relevant to you and optimizing the total tax liability. The firm’s services in international taxation:
  • Formulating an optimal international tax strategy
  • Tax planning for income originating abroad and their efficient transfer to Israel
  • Advice and guidance regarding global taxation of real estate transactions and holdings
  • Correct formation of the structure of international holdings and investments abroad
  • Working with art to prevent double taxation
  • Funding and resource allocation solutions
  • Consulting, and accompaniment with the tax authorities in Israel and abroad
  • Realization of international tax benefits
  • Preparation of tax reports
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