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Our professionals know in detail the financial conduct of your business and the business and financial environment in which it operates. The extensive experience of the firm’s staff in business management and consulting at the MTI (Business Entrepreneurship Cultivation Center) will help your business in a variety of areas such as: preparation of a business plan, economic feasibility analysis, strategic consulting in business management, consulting on business financing and more.

The consultation outlines for the business the path to success and the improvement of the results, whether you are before the establishment of the business, or whether in regular business conduct or when the business runs into difficulties.

Among the areas in which our firm’s advice and business support is provided:

Building a business plan
Analysis of economic viability and feasibility of the business or of a certain activity
Advice regarding the ideal form of incorporation for the business (exempt dealer, licensed dealer, limited company, non-profit, etc.)
Assistance and strategic advice in the management of the business in all the different aspects of the business (finances, personnel, marketing, advertising, production, etc.)
Financial advice on financing, accounting, taxation, etc
Analysis of business activity and guidance for business success
Advice for reviving a business in difficulties

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