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One of the main activities of the firm is editing and auditing financial reports for corporations (companies, non-profits and partnerships). Our accountants will prepare the following reports for you:

  • Balance sheet. A report, required of companies, on the state of the business at the end of a quarter or year. The balance sheet includes the assets on the one hand and the liabilities and equity on the other.
  • Profit and loss report. A financial report required at the end of the year by the tax authorities from any exempt or licensed dealer. The report details the results of the activity during the year and includes the total sales of the business, the total expenses of the business (including taxes ) and the net profit or loss line.
  • Report on the changes in equity. Report on the change in surplus, dividend, share capital and more.
  • Cash flow report. A report on cash movements with an emphasis on current activity, investment and financing.

The reports are used by tax authorities, investors, banks – and a tool for examining, analyzing and improving the business and financial conduct of the business. Professional accountants’ reports ensure that the business is conducted properly from an accounting and business point of view. The reports are prepared by a team of accountants with extensive experience in applying audit processes to financial reports, in accordance with Israeli and international standards. 

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